What It’s All About!


The Touch Of Tay Blog


This blog is all about beauty, pop culture, and other fun things!

On Monday’s we do Makeup Monday, on Friday’s we do Fresh Finds Friday. I try to post on Wednesday’s but sometimes life happens.

Who should follow my blog? Cool people. If you are cool and like to get down with experimenting with different makeup, trying new products, and want to stay up to date on what is trending, I am here for you.

Who shouldn’t follow my blog? No one. Everyone should follow me.

I encourage you to post your witty comments, share your beautiful results, and laugh with me along that way. Because if you don’t, I will have to laugh alone, and that is no fun at all.


So what are you waiting for?


P.S. I used to blog about DIY crafts so if your bored scrolling you might run into some of those posts. 🙂

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