Makeup Monday – Glossier Does It Again


Posted while celebrating my mom’s birthday!

Hello and Happy Friday! The weather is absolutely beautiful here in Michigan today, and it is giving me serious summer vibes. It is finally the weekend but before we get a little too tipsy off those wine coolers let’s find out what is trending this week.

Today is Fresh Finds Friday so let’s get started!



Glossier released their Daily Sunscreen + which is exactly that, a sunscreen for daily use. I’ve never heard of a daily sunscreen product, but then again I live in Michigan where we see the sun like four months a year. I think it is an excellent idea to make a product that is easy to use and doesn’t have that typical sunscreen vibe for people who live in very sunny climates.

From the Glossier Website:

“Not optional. If you don’t already use sun protection every day, now’s the time to start. If you do, good! Now it’s time for an upgrade. Introducing sunscreen for people who hate wearing sunscreen—a clear watergel formula filled with active microcapsules that instantly absorbs into skin with no greasy residue and zero white cast. It helps prevent sun damage and skin cancer, but also works to neutralize harmful free radicals inside your skin, and keeps pollutant junk from getting in there in the first place—that’s the “+”. We want you to use it every. single. day. as the last step in your skincare routine.”

Glossier, just take all my money.




The world is finally at peace. Soon select Ulta stores are going to carry MAC products. This is going to make getting your hands on MAC products so much easier with all your fav product in the same place. Now, all we need are the Beauty Blenders at Ulta, and I will never have to go anyplace else.



tarte amazonian clay stick foundation.jpg

The Tarte Clay Stick Foundation has been all over the place this week, what can we say, beauty gurus love sticks. The foundation hasn’t been released to the public yet but all the infuensors get PR packages this week so it’s been all over Snap and Insta.

I have been getting mixed reviews on the foundation. Some people say they love and others aren’t feeling it. I guess you’ll just have to try it out for yourself.

That is all I’ve got for you today; I hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment. Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday for another Makeup Monday!

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