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Makeup Monday – All About Clinique


Written while enjoying the sunshine!

Hello and Happy Monday to all of you! I never got around to posting last week because I got super busy and I didn’t have anything new to write about. May, in general, is a busy month for me, so I apologize in advance for missing a few days.

Anyway, today is Monday which means it’s time for Makeup Monday!


Let’s get started.



Clinique Custom Repair Serum

Last week I noticed some fine lines beginning to form on my forehead and my life flashed before me. I think it has to do with the terrible sunburn I got on my face while in Austin back in March, and I am hoping they will go away, but just in case I started using the Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum.

I got a sample of this product awhile ago but never got around to using it mainly because anti-aging products are usually very harsh on my sensitive skin. But after having a mental breakdown in the bathroom over my new found wrinkles, I figured now was the time. I am falling in love with this serum!

I am falling in love with this serum, it is very gentle on the skin, it doesn’t have a strong scent, and it doesn’t make my skin feel tight or dry. This stuff is great! I have only been using it on my forehead for about six days so I can’t see a difference in my skin yet but I am going to update you when the bottle is gone so we can find out if it is worth the money.

Speaking of money, this bad boy is the most expensive product I have ever purchased at $60 for 1oz but I was desperate y’all!



Clinique Gift Bag

Since I spent over $28 (what a random number) on the Clinique website I was able to get the 7-piece gift bag for free. This is a promotion going on right now for Mother’s Day I believe so make sure to head over to the Clinique website sooner rather than later if you want to get a free gift.

You can get an All About Shadow Quad, the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, a Pop Lip Color, the Take The Day Off Makeup Remover, High Impact Mascara in black, the Pep-Start Eye Cream, and a super cute bag.

Here are my thoughts on the products.




I picked the Daytime Pretty quad that includes the shades Onyx, Seashell, French Roast, and Latte. After getting the product, I wish I would have picked the other one. The colors I got are a little too dark for my liking, and I thought the last shade was black, but it is actually a dark green. Not sure why they call it Daytime pretty when the colors are dark.

The shadow payoff isn’t that great, and I didn’t care for the chalky formula.




I am in love with this lip product! The pigmentation is crazy, it lasts for quite a long time, and it is very hydrating. I apply a little bit and smudge it around with my finger for a more subtle look and love the color it brings to my face. I am going to check out the other colors they have because this product is worth it! It is in the shade Cherry Pop.




I used the Pep-Start Eye Cream a few times and didn’t notice a huge difference. It is nice when you first apply it because it is cool and refreshing but other than that I don’t feel like it depuffs my eyes.



I have been using this face lotion for almost a year now so I know I already love it but it is great to have a small size for traveling.




LORD, thank you for bringing this mascara into my life! I am not reconsidering every mascara I have ever used and why I didn’t start using this one sooner. This mascara makes my lashes look false! They look long and don’t clump together, and I’m in love.


I have no used the makeup remover yet mainly because I don’t like makeup removers that are meant for waterproof eye makeup because they usually have baby oil in them and I don’t like that feeling on my eyes.

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today! I hope you found this post to be helpful and as always leave any questions or comments down below!

See you Friday!

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