Tati Lip Plumper

Fresh Finds Friday – WTF

Written while feeling refreshed!

Hello and Welcome to Touch of Tay, I am back from vacation and ready to rock. Today is the day we are always looking forward to and the time of the week that we learn what is fresh and trending in the world of beauty on Fresh Finds Friday.

Let’s get started.



Tati Lip Plumper

In Tati’s WTF Wednesday video this week she and James tested out a $150 lip plumper that really doesn’t look like a lip plumper. If this video isn’t awkward enough for you take a gander at the comments. I clicked out of the video when James tried to use the lip plumper because I was literally feeling so uncomfortable.

Check it out for yourself.



maxresdefault (3).jpg

JessiSmiles is back with a Q & A pregnancy update if you are wondering what Jessi is going through in her pregnancy. At the end of her videos, she says she puts up new videos every week, but we all know that’s not true right? Making videos while pregnant is hard, we know.

P.S. She is also engaged and having a boy.



maxresdefault (2).jpg

Casey Holmes gets her boyfriend to go to Sephora and buy her makeup, and then we watch her apply it for our entertainment. I don’t know about you, but Casey and Davis are my favorite YouTube couple. I just think they are absolutely perfect for each other and I love seeing them together.

Thanks so much for stopping by for Fresh Finds Friday, I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and I will see you back here on Monday for Makeup Monday.

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