Juara Candenut Body Creme

Makeup Monday – Juara Body Creme


Written while really in need of a snack.

Happy Monday and Welcome to Touch of Tay! Here on Touch of Tay, Monday’s are all about makeup, hence the title of this post. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and are ready for another week of climbing that latter.

Let’s get started.



Bite Beauty Lip Pencil

I have talked about Bite Beauty lip products on this blog before, and today I am adding to the chatter. A few weeks ago, while in Sephora spending all my money, I was drawn into the Bite Beauty lip pencil display.


Bite Beauty Lip Pencil

After swatching all the shades, I found my soulmate in color 020 – being nude. There are 22 shades to pick from, and each pencil is $18.


The formula is pretty drying if you wear it alone which is what I always do since packing on the lip products to go to work isn’t professional where I work. The product did settle into the lines of my lips and kind of get patchy which I didn’t love either.

Overall, I think this is a great lip pencil for the price, but I do believe it is better when another lip product is used on top.



Juara Candenut Body Creme

I got the Juara Candenut Body Creme (retails for $35) in my POPSUGAR subscription box, and I wasn’t overly excited because I have very sensitive skin and tend to keep to my usual body lotions. I want to give this product a try, instead of giving it away, because after all, I did pay for it.


I decided the best way to introduce this body creme into my after shower routine was to use it after a shower where I didn’t shave, that way there would less of a possibility for irritation. I waited about 24 hours to see if my skin reacted in any way and to my surprise, nothing happened.

I am going to continue to use this product and see if I can work my way up to using it every day.



Mini Bobby Pins

This one is random, but I think it would be helpful since I’m not sure if a lot of people know that mini bobby pins exist. Before cutting 7 inches off my hair last week, I watched all of Malibu’s YouTube videos and went to Target to stock up on hair essentials.

I bought three different kinds of bobby pins, mini, regular, and extra large. So far the mini’s have been my favorite, they are so convenient and hold my hair better than the regular size.

If you have short hair, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Malibu’s videos and getting yourself some mini bobby pins!

Thanks so much for spending some time with me on this beautiful Monday and I will see you back here later this week for some more Tay time.

Feel free to leave a comment below telling me what makeup product is making your Monday just a little bit better!

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