NYX Epic Ink Liner

Makeup Monday – NYX Epic Ink


Written while wishing it was happy hour. 

Hello and Welcome to Touch of Tay. It’s Monday again which sucks but hopefully by the time you are reading this your Monday is coming to an end. Here on Touch of Tay, we do Makeup Monday’s because why not?


So let’s get started.



NYX Epic Ink Liner

I have been in need to a new eyeliner since my Kat Von D Tattoo Linter is all dried up and the Stila eyeliner I got was complete trash. I picked up the NYX Epic Ink Liner mainly because the packaging caught my eye but also because of the inexpensive price – $7.99. I tested the liner out without any other product on my lid and wore it to the gym. The liner stayed put and didn’t smudge or transfer at all.

I tested the liner without any other product on my lid and wore it to the gym. The liner stayed put and didn’t smudge or transfer at all.


The liner does not dry down matte; it stays shiny on the lid which I really liked. I swatched the eye liner on my hand on Tuesday evening, and it was still on Wednesday night when I got home from the gym. I probably washed my hands like 50 times and that liner was not coming off.

Description from the NYX website:

“Live for super-sharp wing inspo? Don’t just “like” all your faves, draw ’em yourself using Epic Ink Liner. Featuring a slender and supple brush tip, this intensely pigmented, waterproof pen lets you achieve black liquid lines effortlessly. Every stroke is unbelievably fluid for a defined finish. Control the thickness of your lines by pressing down just a touch. Fine and natural, broad and bold—the look is always up to you!”

NYX Epic Ink Liner

I was able to achieve a simple winged eye liner with a nice point at the end no problem. I felt like I had a lot of control over the brush as well wish also makes life so much easier.



Spa Life Sheet Mask
Forgot to get a picture of it by itself. My bad.

Also while at Target the Spa Life Hydrating Facial Mask in Red Apple caught my attention and I just knew I had to try one out. I chose the Hydration sheet mask because it’s the winter and the air is very dry in the office building I work in.

Overall I was pretty disappointed in this product. The actual sheet was way too large, I understand it’s not going to be a perfect fit, but this mask was was bigger than most sheet masks I’ve tried.

The smell was way too strong. It smelled like something you would get at Claire’s, geared more for young girls it didn’t smell like an adult skin product – if that makes sense.

The price isn’t bad at $2.49, but I didn’t feel like it did what it claimed to do. My face just felt cold and clammy when I took the mask off; I didn’t feel like it gave me any extra hydration to the face.

Alright lovelies that is all I have for you today. I hope you are having a beautiful Monday where ever you are, and I will see you back here later this week.

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