Fresh Finds Friday -La Rose Blush


Posted while getting my Friday on.

Hello and Welcome to Touch of Tay. I am Tay, and this is my blog. Every Friday we get down and dirty with what is trending in beauty and other things that might be relevant to out shallow lives.

Let’s get started.




The Lancome La Rose Blush has got to be the dumbest makeup product I have ever seen, hands down. I don’t even have the words for what is happening right now. Are people aware that Lancome literally took a fake flower from Micheals Craft Store and put loose highlighting powder all over and that sold it for $60? Am I the only one who is absolutely blown away that people are spending actual currency on something like this?

I wish you could have seen my face while watching Tati’s WTF video.




This isn’t technically trending, but I want to share Kalyn’s YouTube channel with all of you since I stumbled onto this week (and have basically watched every video at this point). Kalyn posts a lot of really helpful and positive videos from dieting, to dealing with a bad day, to becoming a morning person.

Kalyn seems to be very sweet, and her videos come from a genuine place. I highly recommend checking her out if you are looking for some advice or are just interested in how to stay organized.




I am going to take advantage of the fact that this is a beauty blog in which most of you probably don’t the Super Bowl (AKA The Big Game if you are in advertising) is this Sunday. The Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots will battle to the death on live television so don’t miss it. Also, Lady Gaga is performing at halftime, and some country singer is bringing you his rendition of the National Anthem.


Oh, and Beyonce is pregnant, and no I don’t care. Just kidding, I am throwing her a baby shower.


Thank you so much for stopping by on your busy Friday afternoon, I hope you have a fun and safe weekend. I’ll see you back here on Monday for Makeup Monday!

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  1. edrysder

    I think it’s ridiculous for the price, it doesn’t even look that pigmented either!! A nice collectors item I guess but I definitely would not be spending that price on a highlighter! Seems a bit of a rip off tbh🤔 x

    Liked by 1 person

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