4 Things To Do After A Breakup


Written while feeling motivated.

Hello and welcome back to Touch of Tay. Here on Touch of Tay we mainly talk about beauty products and skin care, but today I am going to do something very different because I think it can be very helpful. I am going to put my serious face on and let’s get down to it.

As you can tell by the title, I am going to be telling you 4 things to do after a breakup because breakups are hard and we can use all the advice we can get. Every relationship is different and unique in their way, so maybe some of these don’t apply to you, but it is always helpful to gain perspective.

Existing a relationship can be an emotional time for both parties, but if handled correctly both people can come out the other end with closer and feeling confident.



So you and your SO just broke up, it’s been a few days, and you’ve been avoiding each other but you have all these thoughts and feelings running through your head, and all you want is to feel better. The best way to do that is to speak up for yourself, tell you ex that you are feeling down and alone and get those thoughts and feelings off your chest. You will feel so much better when you do.

Also, ask questions. Ask about the next steps, if you are living together, you need to come up with an immediate plan that fits your situation. Ask if you two can keep in touch (if that is what you both want). If you want answers, ask the questions that are going to get them.



Do not, I repeat, do NOT talk shit about your ex. Not to your friends (only your BEST BEST BEST FRIEND), not to his/her friends, not to mutual friends, coworkers, family, or the next person you start dating. Speaking poorly of your ex is only a reflection of you and no one else. If someone asks you about your ex say something simple like…

“Hey Tay, what happened between you and your boyfriend? I heard you two split?”

“Hey, girl! We decided we would be better off as friends.”

THE END. Do not air your dirty laundry, do not bash him/her, treat him/her with respect. People will see you as mature and put together if you do.



Lord stop pretending you are OK if you’re not. Posting pictures on Snapchat and Instagram on how much fun you are having now that your single is a high school game (sorry if you’re in High School…no really, High School sucks). I’m not saying you can’t post something if in fact, you are having a good time but going out of your way and deliberately posting things on social that you know are going to get under his/her skin is wrong and hurtful.

You will regret doing it because you are so much better than that. Be the adult, the adult that was in a committed adult relationship and take a step back to remember your ex is a person and going through something too.



After a few weeks or a few months has gone by having a real conversation about what happened, if you don’t know already. By this time the initial anger of the breakup has passed, and you have a clear mind to figure out what went wrong and perhaps apologize for something you may have done. Do not expect to get back together, don’t expect an apology, don’t expect anything. This conversation isn’t about you but the relationship.

Think about it, you spent a significant amount of time with this person whether is be one year or eight, hear them out, get some closer, and move on.


So what happens if you have tried being mature with your ex and he/she isn’t giving you the same amount to maturity back? Walk away. You can’t change a person no matter how hard you try. Send them off with a good luck and be done.

“I have tried to have an open conversation with you, I have tried to give you respect, and I have been mature, but I don’t feel like I am getting the same back. Good luck with everything you do, I hope the best for you.”

And end the conversion. Remove them from any social media accounts and remove them from your phone.



I hope this post comes in handy for anyone going through a breakup or is just curious and clicked on. Thank you for allowing me to bring other topics to my blog. Giving advice is something I am passionate about so feel free to reach out to me at diybytay@gmail.com if you want to talk or have any questions of just wanna say hi!

I will be back on Friday with a Fresh Finds Friend post. Click here to see Monday’s Makeup Monday post on the Ulta Matte Neutral Eyeshadow Palette!


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