Ulta Matte Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette

Makeup Monday – Ulta Matte Neutral Eye Palette Review

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Posted while getting my zen on.

Hello and Happy Monday to all of you! Welcome to Touch of Tay, if you are new there are two things you need to know about this blog. One, I have no idea what I am doing and two, I take very few things seriously. Now that we have covered the basics, Monday’s are all about Makeup even though so is every other day of the week.

Let’s just get started.

Sidenote: Wtf is going on with the Ulta point system? Have they purposely made it so confusing that no one can ever redeem their points? I shouldn’t have to have a Masters in Finance to understand how to use the points that I earned! Ulta really should take a page from the Sephora handbook…just saying.



Ulta Matte Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette

While looking through the Ulta catalog, the Ulta Matte Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette caught my eye so intensely. Between the packaging, the shades, the size of the palette, and the price, I could not resist, it all came together and provided the perfect storm for me to go to Ulta and make this palette mine.

Let’s break it down.



The palette is a really good size; it’s not too big which I like. It seems like palettes these days just keep getting bigger and bigger. That being side, this palette isn’t traveled size either, it is just a happy medium.

This palette also comes with a magnetic closer with is a plus, but it doesn’t offer a mirror which is a huge pain. Again, for traveling, you would have to bring a separate mirror with you.

Ulta Matte Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette

The individual shade pans are a good size which allows you to use many different size brushes. The palette comes with a high-quality brush as well.



I will say the application was pretty flawless, I had no fallout and the colors blended very well. The pigmentation is also really good for a palette of this price range, and they lasted all day on the lid with very little creasing.



I think the color range is fantastic. You get everything from a base color to a transition shade, to lid and crease colors, dark plums, and downs for a smokey eye and pale pinks for softer, look.

Ulta Matte Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette
Top Row 

I do like how all the colors fit together, and you can get a ton of looks out of one product. We have all seen those palettes that are all over the place and are hard to get one cohesive look out of without going into another product.

Ulta Matte Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette
Bottom Row



This palette includes 12 colors and a brush for $20 which means you are spending $1.66 on each shade (not including the brush price).



By now I think you know my feelings on this product but in case you need me to spell it out, I really really like this palette! I believe that it is absolutely worth the cost between the quality and the wide range of shades this is a perfect palette to have in your collection.

That is all I have for you today; I hope you have a wonderful night, and I will see you back here later this week.

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