Fresh Finds Friday – Real Life vs Instagram Challenge


Written while wishing for sunshine.

Hello, Happy Friday, and Welcome back to Touch of Tay. You might be asking where I have been all week, or you may not have noticed my absence at all because I am not that important but either way, I have been so busy and so broke. I have not had any spare spending money to spend on makeup or skin care or basically anything. I am at the level of putting contact solution in my mascara…yeah.

Fresh Finds Friday doesn’t cost any mulla, so I am here today to tell you what is fresh and trending this week.

Let’s do this.




This isn’t a new challenge on YouTube, but it has been pickup up momentum this week. The challenge is basically YouTubers showing the difference between what they consider Instagram makeup and everyday makeup. One side of the face is usually a more natural look while the other is over the top full glam.

I don’t find these videos to be particularly interesting, but like everything else, I watch them anyway.

Check out Casey Holmes & LoveMelisaMichelle‘s videos.




Pastel Goth is apparently a thing, and Kat Von D made an eyeshadow palette for it, yippy. The palette contains eight different shades (six pastel colors, one black, and one gray/white shade). This fun fellow will cost you $38 at Sephora. There are tons and tons of reviews and looks on YouTube so go look it up; you don’t need me to give you a link.




If I hear one more thing about this blur stick, I am going to use it to clean up my vomit.


That is all I have for you today, loves. I hope you have a fabulous and safe weekend and I will possibly see you back here on Monday for a Makeup Monday if I happen to come into lost of money over the weekend. OK BYE!

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