Fresh Finds Friday – New Years Makeup Tutorials


Posted while kicking my feet up for the holidays!

Hello and Happy Friday, everyone! Today is Friday which means it’s time for another Fresh Finds Friday where we find out that has been trending this week, what’s hot, and whatever I feel like talking about!

Just an FYI, I will not be posting next week (sad face) because it is time for me to take a well-deserved break…did that rhyme? No work, no gym/yoga, no blog, for one week because we all need time to regroup and center our selfs.

Let’s get on with it, ho ho ho.




New Year’s Eve/Day is right around the corner which means YouTubers everywhere are going crazy creating makeup looks that no one is ever going to try themselves. I plan on wearing my PJ’s and looking like a hobo on New Year’s Eve because ringing in the new year in comfort is just the way I want to live my life.

If you are actually leaving your house and seeing other humans here is some inspiration on what to do with your face:

Karima McKimmie – New Year’s Eve Easy Glitter Makeup Tutorial 

Vagas Nay – New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

Aylin Melisa – Slaying New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial




After the hype of the Silisponge, we have already moved on to Ricky’s Tulip Kabuki Brush which NikkieTutorials gave a big thumbs down to on her WORST MAKEUP SPONGE EVER?! video that she posted on Tuesday. This sponge is $10 on and claims to offer you the best of both worlds offering you part sponge and part brush.

Put down your bra inserts and give this a try.




I don’t know about you but I get lost in Holiday baking videos at least twice a day. I love watching online cooking a baking videos that I find on Tastemade/Tastemade UK and the Food Network. And because I watch way too many of those videos I know that Christmas cookies and cakes and other delicious treats have been taking over these past few weeks. If you don’t know what I am talking about me can’t be friends. Sorry.


Alright, chicks that is all I have for you on this Fresh Find Friday. I hope you have a wonderfully magical holiday where ever you are and whatever you are celebrating. I will see you back here the first week of January to kick off the year with something fun that I haven’t thought of yet.

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