Fresh Finds Friday – Holiday Hair


Snow is in the weather forecast which means I am spending the weekend cocooned in my heated blanket. Who’s with me?

Happy Friday and Welcome back to Touch of Tay! Today is the last day, this week, that you have to deal with the coworkers you are paid to spend more time with than anyone else in your life. So kick your feet up, grab a glass/bottle of wine, and get to reading.

Sip. Sip.




The Silisonge ($9) is a silicone makeup sponge (which isn’t a sponge) by Molly Cosmetics (an indie brand) that has been causing quite the stir on YouTube this week. Since this little guy is getting his moment in the spotlight, it is consistently selling out on the Molly Cosmetics website which is why people are now using silicon bra inserts as a dupe. What a time to be alive, I am so glad 2016 is ending with such a bang.

Click the links below to watch YouTubers put makeup on with bar padding. (I wish you could see my face right now)


Tina Yong


Dana Del




Holiday Glam videos are in full effect across the YouTube world. I don’t know about you, but there is no way in hell I am going to be putting makeup on over the holidays let alone go for the whole glam look. The holidays are about relaxation for me which means wearing bagging sweatpants and not washing my hair. To each their own.

If you do plan on going all out for the holidays, check out these videos.

Desi Perkins – Easy-ish Holiday Glam

Carli Bybel – Classic Holiday Glam 2016

Mayratochofglam – Soft Holiday Glam

Mayretouchofglam – Rose Gold Holiday Glam




Once you get your Holiday makeup on you can’t forget about the hair. Milabu’s channel on YouTube is all about getting you hair Holiday ready so you don’t look like a complete mess at your family gathering for the third year in a row…you’re welcome.

I hope you all have yourself a fantastic and safe weekend! Stay warm if you are in a cold climate like me, it not, consider yourself lucky!

Check out my Makeup Tuesday Because It’s Not Monday post here!

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