Makeup Monday – Powder Brushes


Written while recovering from a busy weekend.

Hello, and Welcome back to Touch of Tay. Sorry for being MIA last week, the holidays are coming up quick, and I feel like I’m drowning…but don’t worry about me I’ll be okay. Today is Monday which means it’s time for another Makeup Monday, yippy!


Let’s go.

Last week I mentioned that the brushes in my makeup collection have seen much better days and I was on the hunt for a new powder brush without spending a ton of money.

I don’t know if you noticed this but brushes are expensive, and I have no idea why. I understand not all brushes are the same and some are better than others but I cannot for the life of me spend $40 on a brush, I just can’t.

P.S. I took pictures of these two brushes but not separately from two other brushes not mentioned in this post. I didn’t want to confuse anyone by posting them. Sorry for the crappy photos! 




If you don’t know about Real Technique brushes you need to. RT brushes are so affordable and are made with very high-quality materials. RT brushes can be found in Walmart and Ulta and have a broad range of different kinds.

Not too long ago they came out with a “higher” end line of brushes that are so beautiful I could cry, but that would ruin my makeup, so I won’t, but they are very nice bushes. I have been wanting to try them out for quite some time but haven’t wanted to send the money when I didn’t have to.

Last week when I went to Ulta the time was right, and I picked out my very first “fancy” brush, the 100 Arched Powder for $20.99. I am in love, ya’ll. This brush is giving me the most flawless finish while looking like a damn boss applying it.




You can find EcoTools at just about every drug store; the brushes are high quality and super affordable. If spending a ton of money on brushes isn’t your thing you should give this line a try. Since I was spending a little more on the RT brush, I thought I would reel myself in and go with a cheaper alternative to seeing if there was a difference between the two.

I got the EcoTools Bamboo Powder Brush for $9.99 and do like the application, but I honestly like the RT powder brush better. The EcoTools bristles are looser and don’t offer a very precise application which is fine it’s just not what I am looking for.

Alright, that is all I have for your beautiful faces today. Stop by later in the week and find out what gift to get your beauty boss friends!

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