Fresh Finds Friday – Lip Bar


Written while very disappointed in the weather forecast…it says snow.

Happy Friday, ya’ll and Welcome back to Touch of Tay! If you are new here there are some ground rules you should know, I take nothing seriously, I am wrong 87% of the time, and I have no idea what I am doing.

OK, cool got that let’s find out what is trending in this week’s Fresh Finds Friday.




The two-tone lip bar from Laneige is not only a complete waste of money at $39 but will also give your lips the unnecessary ombre look that is never appropriate for anything ordinary people do.

No shade.




We found out this week that Taylor Swift, who not only stole my first name, also makes $5.38 every single second, let that sink in for a moment. $5.38 every second comes out to a total of $170 million a year. T. Swift was just named Forbes’ highest paid celebrity under 30. Meanwhile, I can’t even fit my lunchbox in the fridge at the office and am left eating warm cheese. Not all Taylor’s are treated equally.





Shout Out To My Ex by Little Mix isn’t only a great revenge song but it is also cranking out some awesome makeup tutorials on the Tube. All the top channels are coming out with their rendition of the makeup Perrie Edwards in rocking in the video. This look is completely unwearable, but I am dying for it.

Check these out:



The Book Channel

Alice Jackson

Tashie Tinks


Have a wonderful weekend, and I will see your beautiful face back here on Monday for Makeup Monday, of course.

Missed Wednesday’s post? Don’t worry, click here to find out what the difference between dermatologist tested and dermatologist approved. You need to know.

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