Moroccan Oil Hair Mask

Makeup Monday – My Empty Products


Written while wondering why all my players on my Fantasy Football team keep getting hurt.

Happy Monday, everyone and welcome back to Touch of Tay! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is having an even better Monday.

I do apologize for not getting a Fresh Finds Friday up for you on Friday, I had most of the post written and then life happened and the post didn’t. Not a whole lot happened last week besides this little thing called the Presidental Election, and you don’t need to hear any more about it.

Anyway, let’s talk makeup.

Uniformity, I was not able to go to Ulta, Sephora, or Target over the weekend to get any new goodies, so I figure I will talk about my empties. Products I loved so much that I have used every last drop and have repurchased over and over again.



Moroccan Oil Hair Mask

A few month ago my hair was suffering from dehydration, so I had to invest in a good deep conditioner hair mask. I turned to one of my favor hair brands, Moroccan Oil to get the job done and done is what the Weightless Hydrating Mask did.

I haven’t repurchased this product yet because I am planning on trying out another hair mask next, but I will definitely be returning to this product after.


I used this mask twice a week, on Thursday’s and Sunday’s, and my hair has NEVER felt so smooth and soft. For regular days, I do use the Smooth or Repair conditioner from Moroccan Oil which worked perfectly with this mask.

I used a very generous amount of product in my hair at the beginning of my shower, combed it through with a wide tooth comb, and pulled it back with a big hair clip. I left that in for the remainder of my shower before rinsing and combing my hair through again.I didn’t experience any build up with this mask, and it smells wonderful! I highly recommend Moroccan Oil as a whole but especially this product.

I didn’t experience any build up with this mask, and it smells wonderful! I highly recommend Moroccan Oil as a whole but especially this product.


Moroccan Oil can be purchased online or in a salon. You won’t find their products at Target, Walmart, or the drug store.



On the Moroccan Oil website, it says the 16.9 oz size is $68, but I don’t remember spending that much money. I bought mine at the salon inside my gym and though it was only $45. I could be remembering wrong. This is very pricey, I know, but trust me when I say it is worth every single penny.




Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

I have repurchased the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray Long-Lasting about five times now. I absolutely love this product, every time I think about trying something new I can never bring myself to it because this spray just works for me.

This setting spray was huge on YouTube, everyone and their actual brother used to use this spray, and after the hype died down, I am still using it. I tried this spray for the first time in college and loved it but couldn’t afford it.

You can find this product at Ulta and Sephora for $31 for 4 oz. YES, it is expensive, but when you work long hours, and you need your makeup to stay looking flawless all day, it’s worth it.



Micellar Water

I jumped on the micellar water bandwagon so hard with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Makeup Remover & Cleanser, not the one for waterproof makeup because I don’t wear waterproof makeup because it’s the devil. I have repurchased this product a lot of times; I’m not even going to count.

I have repurchased this product a lot of times; I’m not even going to count.


I do not use this water to replace my cleanser, I still wash my face, I only use this for taking off my eye makeup/eyebrows and removing any extra makeup my makeup wipe doesn’t get rid of.


I love this product because it’s inexpensive ($6.29 for 13.5oz), it doesn’t burn my eyes, and it actually takes my makeup off. You can find this bad boy at Target, Ulta, and Drugstores, price my very.

What are some products that you always use until they are completely gone and always repurchase? Let Tay know…that was me talking in the third person.

Missed last week’s Makeup Monday? I forgive you, click here to find out what you missed.


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