Fresh Finds Friday – Funfetti Collection


Written while actually really needing a nap.

The weather in Metro Detroit has been so poopy lately, it snowed yesterday, and it has been bringing me down. Anyone else feel me? Today is Friday, though, which means it’s time to put a week’s worth of BS behind us and enjoy two days off of pure bliss. Before we do that, let’s find out what is trending in this week’s Fresh Finds Friday post!

Let’s do this.




Patches are back, just ask a website that is bringing you ironic and totally fun patches that you can put on just about anything. Got a denim jacket? Blue Jeans? A hat? Throw a patch on it and let you hipster shine.




You can get the cute Zooey Daschanel bangs look without the commitment of chopping off the hair by your face and awkwardly letting them grow back out when you realized you made a huge mistake. I can say that I’ve had bangs many-a-times before.

Get these fun clip-in-bangs and fool all your friends by changing your look overnight. Or maybe you just have commitment issues, it’s OK, we have all been there.




No, I’m not talking about your friend Becky with the good hair, I am talking about Two Faced cosmetics that is launching its new Funfetti collection on November 11th on HSN’s “Today’s Special”. Wait, you didn’t know Two Faced was launching a new Funfetti collection including heart shaped blushes ranging from light pinks to purples to reds? Or an Eye-shadow palette including 12 never before seen shades? How about the brand new nude lip gloss? Well, you do now thanks to me.

That is all I have for you today on this wonderful Friday. I hope you have a totes fab weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday for Makeup Monday…don’t miss it subscribe to my blog!

Did you miss last week’s Fresh Finds Friday? It’s ok, I forgive you. Click here and I’ll take you there. Wink wink.

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