Fresh Finds Friday – Hurricane Mathew 


Written while getting excited to see Amy Schumer perform tonight with my sis!

HAPPY FRIDAY! I have never been more excited to say that, it has been a long week. I feel like I say that every week but it’s how I feel. Today is Friday and we all know what that means, Fresh Finds Friday were we find out what is new and trending this week.

Let’s get started.




YouTube has been taken over my Halloween makeup tutorials, and I love it. I will never be able to recreate any of the looks, mainly because I am not nearly talented enough and second because just looking at someone putting that much makeup on their face makes my skin itch.

If you haven’t been watching Halloween tutorials get started by watching:

Nicole Guerriero’s Electric Paint Splatter Skelton video. Nicole is the queen of Halloween makeup looks because she was one of the very first YouTuber’s to start the trend. Back in the day she was cranking out new and exciting full-face Halloween looks to die for, no pun intended.

Glam & Gore’s VAMPIRE Halloween Makeup Tutorial. Of course, Mykie is doing some Halloween looks; she basically does Halloween makeup looks year round. She is so talented and entertaining to watch and doesn’t hurt that she is super funny too.




And this meme.




The Girl on the Train movie has finally been released! I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting to see this movie. Unfortunately, I don’t have any free time for awhile so I won’t be able to see if anytime soon but the moment I do, it will be magical. I read the book which was just out of this world beautiful and if you haven’t, you should.

Watch the trailer here (although I am sure you have already seen it while waiting for your YouTube video to start)

And here is a link to the book because reading is fun!

Alright everyone, have a wonderful weekend and don’t be the drunk friend who wonders off from the party.

See you Monday for another Makeup Monday and click here is you missed this week’s post.


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