5 Accounts You Need To Follow On Instagram


Written while confused that it’s 78° outside today. Michigan, you’re drunk, go home.

Hello and Happy Thursday everyone! I know I don’t usually post on Thursday’s but I wasn’t able to get anything up yesterday, and I’m feeling guilty. I tried writing yesterday, and I just wasn’t feeling it and didn’t want to force it just to put out content.

So today I am bringing you, 5 People You Need To Follow On Instagram. I have been following most of these people/accounts for awhile, but some are new. Finding new content on Instagram that you love is hard to come by so let’s help each other out in finding new fun accounts.

sexualising – this account is going to provide you with your daily fill of memes. The person who runs this account is absolutely hysterical in all the captions. Although not all the memes are original (who’s are?) the captions are just spot on. Following this account will make you laugh out loud when you come across a meme that you can relate to way too much.

girlsgonehungry – I started following this account about nine months ago because my coworker suggested it to me. This account is all things food porn related and in the best way possible. They are based in Detroit, MI but also include restaurants and food truck posts from other places in the country as well. I’m not sure if these two girls personally take each and every picture or if they substitute pictures sent in by followers but either way, you will get hungry looking at their pics.

femalecollective – this account gives me so much motivation every day. This account is all about the empowerment and uplifting of women across the globe. They post quotes, pictures, videos, and lots of Hillary Clinton related content. They also design t-shirts with fun quotes like, “my body my business,” “the rise of the woman = the rise of the nation,” and “mind your own uterus,” that you can purchase on their website.

myfosterkittens & kittenxlady – both these accounts give you an inside look into the selfless work of two women, Nikki and Hannah, who foster kittens. Both accounts make me grateful people like these two women exist in this world, dedicating their entire lives to saving the lives of orphan kittens, rescues, and pregnant cats. They are doing such amazing work across the country with their wide reach of resources and donations. You can find a link to both their bios if you would like to donate.

You can also follow kittenxlady’s boyfriend, Andrew, who takes beautiful and playful photographs of all the kittens at iamthegreatwent.

Other accounts you should follow, betches, cats_of_instagram, 2broketeachers (funny for non-teachers, too), and foster_kittens_rva. Can you tell I love cats?

Are you following these accounts? Do you know of any other accounts that I should start following? Let me know in the comments!

Have a wonderful Thursday, and I’ll see you back here for Fresh Finds Friday!

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