What To Bring To Yoga!


Written while excited for the Kanye West concert.

Happy Hump Day! Since I am waiting for a new product that I ordered from Sephora to come in the mail I figured I will do another yoga related post. I am talking about yoga accessories, the items you need to get the most out of your yoga practice. Like always this post is for fun, and I do not claim to know everything about yoga.

Here is a list of the items I never go to yoga class without aside from the obvious. I practice hot vinyasa yoga so if you are practicing a different kind of yoga these items may or may not be necessary.



Since hot yoga is well hot, you sweat A LOT and to keep your yoga mat from becoming a dangerous slip and slide you are going to want to bring some kind of towel. There are people who use beach towels, shower towels, hand towels, etc., but I find it best just to purchase an actual yoga towel. This sounds much easier than it is, so follow this link. I use the Sporti Studio Waffle Grip yoga towel from YogaOutlet.com ($14.99) and find it to be very helpful. It stays put, hasn’t faded in the wash yet, and my feet/hands always feel safe. Make sure you wash it after every use on gentle, cold water, and line dry.



You might want to double check with your studio rules before bringing a water bottle to class since some instructors won’t allow it (some of the serious instructors). The reason behind that is because when practicing yoga you are igniting the fire within you and drinking water will extinguish it. But I get thirsty, so I bring water. I use one that I got at Target that is easy to open and close during practice.



If you sweat a lot and tend to get sweat in your eyes, it is a good idea to have a hand towel nearby. I practice at a gym where free towels are provided, but you can always bring your own. Just a regular hand towel will do the trick, but there are wicking towels that you can get at TJ Maxx for cheap.



Keeping the hair out of your face and off your neck will not only be less annoying, but it will help you focus on your pose and not worry about what your hair is doing. Plus, trying to fix your hair in the middle of yoga class has proven to be tough. I bought Nike headbands off Amazon a few weeks ago and absolutely hate them but go to Target and get something cheap.



Some yoga towels have to be damp for them to become more slip resistant. Once you start sweating this isn’t at issue, but when you are just starting, and your towel is still dry, it can be a little hard to stay put. I suggest a small 1oz spray bottle and spraying a little water near the feet and hand area before class starts.


I hope this blog post helped you decided what you should bring to yoga with you. Of course, you don’t need any of these items, but they do help me to enhance my practice

Just starting out with yoga? Read my blog on yoga basics! See you Friday for some Fresh Finds!


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