The Nubian pallets by Juvia's Swatches

The Nubian Pallete Review


Written while so excited it is finally boot season.

Hello and welcome back to Touch of Tay, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Today is Monday, again, and you know what that means…Makeup Monday! Let’s try to get rid of some of those Monday blues and talk about Makeup because it makes everything better.

The Nubian pallete by Juvia's


Two week’s ago I mentioned The Nubian pallete by Juvia’s in my Fresh Finds Friday post (check out that post for more info). I also said that I bought the palette for myself because it was love at first sight. I finally got this little guy in the mail last week and peed myself a little bit.

The Nubian pallete by Juvia's




I did swatches of each shadow, and they all swatched beautifully the first time around. The only two colors I had to do two applications on was the second and third shades. Since I was sick all, last week I didn’t have an opportunity to do my makeup but on Friday when I was feeling better I dug right in.

The Nubian pallets by Juvia's Swatches

I was so excited I forgot to set my foundation and put concealer on. Unfortunately, the color payoff on the eye was not at all what I swatched on my arm which was obviously disappointing. The matte shades went on with no issue, but the shimmer shades were too creamy to be applied with a brush (or the brush I have) which meant I was applying these with my fingers.



This isn’t a huge deal, but I was a little surprised since this pallete has been getting so much attention from the beauty community. I am obviously going to give this product another shot since I did just buy it, but I have to be honest, it was let down.

Let me know if any of you have any tricks or tips on how to apply a creamy, shimmery shadow. I only use two eyeshadow brushes and have never had an issue with the application.

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday and I’ll catch up with ya later!

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