Makeup Monday – Masks & Blush


Written while recovering from a weekend that was too short and had too many beverages.

Hello and welcome back to Touch of Tay, it is Monday again which means it’s the worst day of the week. To help your day suck less, it’s time for Makeup Monday.

Sidenote: For those of you who say Monday isn’t such a bad day, you’re wrong, very, very wrong.

Let’s go.





I got a blush from Cargo Cosmetics in last month’s Pop Sugar box in the color Cotton Candy Pink. This blush retails for $26 which is very reasonable in my opinion, and you get .31 oz which it also a pretty decent amount of product.

I like the size of the pan because it makes getting a big fluffy blush brush into the product easier and I like the metal material that is used. We don’t see that very often with other brands.


The color payoff is pretty low; this blush is more of a wash of color rather than an in your face pop of color. I do find the formula a little powdery, but that isn’t very different than the Becca blush that I use on a daily basis. The color is very beautiful but a tab bit too pink for my liking which goes for the other colors in the line.


Overall, I do like this blush, and I think it is ideal for something who is looking for a blush that is on the lower prince end with a high-end payoff.




This is not the fist time I have used a bubble mask, but I do have to say this is my favorite. The packaging lead me to believe that this was going to be a sheet mask which didn’t make sense to me, but I bought it anyway. It is not a sheet mask; you apply this mask with your hands.

Unlike the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask  I feel like the Miss Spa affected my skin. My face felt clean and fresh when I took it off, not to mention how fun it is to see this mask bubble up on your face. My mom gave this mask a try and also said it left her skin feeling fresh and clean.


I bought this mask at Ulta for $6.99, and you can get two uses out of it even though the packaging says it is a one use mask. Just make sure you keep it in a tightly sealed ziplock bag and use within 2-3 days.



Another mask, yay! I picked up the Leaders Teatree Relaxing sheet mask at Ulta for $5.00 and was super excited about it because I love tea tree, it is perfect for clearing up blemishes. The excitement for this mask ended there. I know that not every sheet mask fits everyone but this one was way too large, I had to fold the edges over. The mask was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t enjoy it, and I just wanted to take it off. I kept it on for as long as I could which was about 15 minutes. When I took it off I didn’t see any improvements in the skin, it did nothing for me.

I wish you all a Happy Monday, and I’ll see you later.

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