Fresh Finds Friday – Labor Day


Witten while listening to Amy Schumer’s The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo book on Audible.


Hello and Happy Friday, everyone! Thank you for stopping by the Touch of Tay blog to find out what is fresh and trending this week. We do this every Friday (when I’m not drowning in life) so make sure you join the fam and stay trendy.

Let’s do the damn thing.

Sidenote: Before we get started I do need to tell you guy that I drank two entire bottles of wine myself last weekend. That is the level I am on.

Ok, here we go.



*insert picture of lip injections here*

I know lip injections aren’t new this week, but I do feel like I need to mention them since everyone and their dog are getting them. What is up with that? Kylie, you have ruined this world. Remember back in the 80’s when is what all about the boobs and everyone went out and got bigger boobs? That is called a trend and like all trends there comes a day when they aren’t trendy anymore. If you are on YouTube, I get it. If you are a regular person with a regular job, I don’t.

Ok, rant over.




Although yesterday was the first day of September and not the first day of fall (Sept. 22), Starbucks released the making of PSL’s. I have no shame in admitting that I drank a PSL almost every single morning last year, NO SHAME! Some people are annoyed at the premature pumpkin drink release, but I say bring on the basic!




When this long weekend comes to an end so will the wearing of anything white. Unfair? Yes, but necessary. Pull out all the white clothing, shoes, and accessories that you own and wear it all this weekend Olivia Pope style before it gets locked away in your closet until Memorial Day. Did that just rhyme?

Alright, folks, have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend, and I will see y’all Wednesday for some fun new stuff that I haven’t quite figured out what that is going to be.

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