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Happy Friday Loves! You made it to Friday, and I am so proud of you. You deserve a pat on the back/foot rub and a glass of red wine/bottle of red wine. If you are looking for your weekly dose of what is trending you have come to the right place because it is time for another Fresh Finds Friday!


Take a sip of something and let’s get started.




Um, Kylie is only 18? WTF. The oldest looking teenager on the planet celebrated her birthday by releasing new makeup products including metallic matte lipsticks and eyeliner appropriately called Kyliner. I searched the internet trying to find the collection and came up with nothing; maybe you will have better luck.



CDon - Get Behind Me

CDon is an up and coming artist out of the Detroit area, and he is making a huge splash with his new video Get Behind Me. The video was shot in Las Angeles but not the LA you are used to seeing. Check it out.



Clear Heels

Clear heels are a thing right now, and I am kind of loving it. If you are 90’s bitch like me, you remember when jelly shoes were all the rage and this new trend is basically the adult version. Not 100% where I would ever wear these but I think I can figure it out.


That’s all for today’s Fresh Finds, have a relaxing weekend and I’ll see you Monday for a new Makeup Monday! Let me know if you are digging these trends and if I should know about any other trends that happened this week.

You may have noticed that Touch of Tay got a facelift. What do you think?

Check out my review of Kiss Salon press-on nails, here!

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