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I mentioned to you a few weeks ago on my Makeup Monday post that I purchased a package of the Kiss Salon Acrylic Press-On Nails. Unfortunately, I can’t find a link for them on Walmart’s website but here is a similar product. I also promised that I would do a full review on them so you can decide if they are right for you.

Sidenote: Can we take a moment to think about how weird nails are? Isn’t it strange that we paint and attached things to the dead shit that grows out of our fingers??




One set includes 28 nails that vary in sizes (two of each size), nail glue, an orange stick, and a nail file. The nails have little tabs on the tips with a number indicating the size and allowing you to match the numbers for both hands. Although a good idea the numbers are incredibly difficult to see. I’m not sure why they couldn’t make them more visible since you remove the tab anyway. They claim these nails will last seven days and costs $6.97.



Once you have cleaned your nails with acetone and fitted the acrylic nails to your natural nail, you just set them aside for quick application. You put a small dot of nail glue on the inside of the acrylic nail and a small dot of glue on your natural nail. Simply press the acrylic nail onto your natural nail and hold for five seconds, remove the tab and file the tip.

Once you place the acrylic nail down the glue drys very fast! I tried to remove a nail seconds after I put it on because it was a little too large and had to rip it off and it was painful. The glue they give you is real nail glue; they ain’t messing around.



I did end up with some air bubbles under my nails which partially has to do with the fact that I am lazy and wasn’t trying that hard and the fact that air bubbles are bound to happen. The only time an air bubble becomes an issue is when it is close to the edge since that will allow water under the artificial nail causing it to lift and fall off.

The entire application took me about 45 minutes which I didn’t think was very long at all. The next morning I woke up, and my cuticles were very sore which is common when getting acrylic nails.

Sidenote: I got the Real Short nails because I am not an acrylic nail wearer, and I am not used to having long nails. The last time I had acrylic nails done by a salon, I think I was in high school.




FullSizeRender 5

I put the nails on Friday night and to a bachelorette weekend up north returned home and wore them for an additional two days. On the fifth day, the tips of the nails turned blue which might have been from my black pants, and a few of the nails started to lift. I ended up popping off all the nails while sitting in traffic on my way home from work later that day. Although they didn’t last the full seven days I am impressed (no pun intended) with how long they did last, considering I wasn’t easy on them.

This is a much cheaper alternative to getting a full set at a nail salon. If you only need nails for an event or something similar this is a cheaper alternative. If you just feel like having long nails for a few days this is also a great choice without the commitment.

My nails weren’t damaged at all.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I apologize for missing yet another Makeup Monday. The past few weeks have been crazy with traveling and work. But all that is over now so I will be able to put more time into Touch Of Tay.

Stay tuned for Fresh Finds Friday! Missed last weeks? Click here!

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