Kid's Makeup Challenge

Fresh Finds Friday – YouTube Challenge

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Written while obsessing over Babe Walker’s new book American Babe.

Hello and welcome back! Today is Friday which means it is time for another Fresh Finds Friday to find out what is cool, and fresh, and happening, and totally fetch. Just kidding but seriously.

Here is what you need to know.




Kid's Makeup Challenge

The YouTube world has done it again. NikkiTutorials started a new makeup challenge trend that is making it’s way around to just about everyone on YouTube. The challenge is to put on a full face of makeup using only children’s makeup, which includes Claire’s products. Some YouTubers are going for the actual kid’s makeup that you would find in the girl aisle at Target or WalMart or a toy store others are using makeup from Claire’s and Icing. Two different takes on the challenge but both very amusing to watch.

Tay’s Favorites – Grave3YardGirl, ThatsHeart, and NicoleSkyes.



Bralettes are super in right now mainly because it’s hot af outside and boob sweat is not cute. But you can totally pull these off year round since there is a style and color for every occasion. I never in a million years thought I would be able to fit my C cup into a flimsy bralette but honey it’s working for me. I got about 50 pairs from Aerie and I regret nothing.



bareMinerals Gen Nude

bareMinerals is feeling the squeeze on the overwhelming amount of cosmetic brands coming out with cutting edge lip products. They are going all out with their new line of lip products called Gen Nude including lipsticks, lipglosses, and lipliners from creamy to super-saturated to ultra-pigmented colors (stole that from the website). I have heard some positive and also some negative comments about the line, but you’ve really gotta try it for yourself.

P.S. I just started watching Scandal. Don’t judge me for being late in an ironic way, so see you in two months when I finally finish it.

Thanks so much for checking out this week’s Fresh Finds and I will see back here on Monday for another Makeup Monday!

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