10 Things You Need In Your Work Bag

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Posted while getting zen af in yoga class.

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome back to Touch of Tay, I hope this post finds you well. Today I am going to be talking about a very important topic, what to carry in your work bag.

Sidenote: Sorry for being MIA this Monday for Makeup Monday. I was super swamped at work and didn’t have any time to finish the post I started. 

Whether you carry a large purse or a backpack to work every day what you keep inside is very impartment. You spend 40 plus hours at the office every week; there is going to come a time when you are in desperate need for a band-aid or a lint roller.



IMG_2879 copy

A SMALL SNACK will come in handy when you are between your morning coffee and lunch, and you need a little something to keep your energy up. I usually get low blood sugar if I drink too much coffee in the morning so keeping a snack on me helps when I feel light headed. Having a snack in your bag is also really helpful when your tummy is grumbling, and you are in bumper to bumper traffic. Road rage solved.

PAIN RELIEVERS are a must for your work bag. Headaches come from out of no wear and can affect your mood and productivity especially when looking at your computer screen is painful. When taking Advil/Idupraphan make sure you eat a little something, like your snack, before.

THE LINT ROLLER is your friend! I cannot tell you how many times I have looked down at my black pants at work and realized I had cat hair or white fuzzies all over. Pull out your lint roller discretely and roll away the fear.

A CLEAN PAIR OF UNDERWEAR will save the day! Let’s be real, sometimes you need to change your underwear for whatever reason so having a decent pair on deck is essential. Keep them in a zipped pocket to ensure they aren’t going to slingshot across the room at your next meeting when you pull out your notebook. Also, keep a clean pair of socks close by in the winter time, snow + socks = a very cranky co-worker.

TAMPONS, TAMPONS, AND MORE TAMPONS! Not having a tampon at work might actually be the scariest situation in the world. We have all been that girl that has embarrassingly asked a co-worker for an extra only to be told that “she doesn’t need those anymore.” Put tampons in every pocket of your bag. You can never have too many.

HAND SANITIZER will help protect you from the office flu. Germs are spread around the office faster than gossip so make sure you are protected. Sanitize after shaking someone’s hand, opening the work refrigerator, and before eating lunch.

A PACK OF GUM to curb those afternoon munchies and freshin’ your breath after you eat tuna fish for lunch. Chewing gum can also help you concentrate, be more productive, and enhance creativity. I just made all that up, but it could be true.

EYE DROPS for those days when your eyes are as dry as the sense of humor of an accountant. I wear contact lenses, so there are times when I forget to blink when working away on my computer. Make sure you have some drops on hand, so you don’t walk around the office with bloodshot eyes.

HEADPHONES are the office equivalent to toothpaste in prison. You don’t need them, but you will be so much happy with them. If you work in a cube farm like I do a little music time can seriously impact your mood. Who doesn’t want to rap along to Drake while sitting in a windowless room?

WATER! This should be a no-brainer, but I know there are people out there that hate drinking water. I am not one of those people; I drink so much water I might actually drown. Offices tend to be very dry which can affect your skin so taking some water to work will help you stay hydrated and looking good.

You are now ready to take the office on like a pro! Let me know some of your must have office essentials in the comments!

Stay tuned for Fresh Finds Friday this week and catch up with last weeks by clicking here!

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