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Fresh Finds Friday – It’s Getting Hot In Here

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Posted while cutting a rug for a friends birthday!

Hello and welcome back to Touch of Tay, if you are new thank you for stopping by! I am Tay, and I welcome you to join the fam. We don’t take things too seriously here on Touch of Tay so grab a snack, hit that follow button, and get to reading.

Today is Friday, so you know what that means! It’s time for another Fresh Finds Friday to find out what is trending so you can be trendy because why not?

Let’s get crankin’




My girl Simply Nailogical posted a video a few weeks back where she put on 100 coats of nail polish over the course of several hours and called it polish mountain. That video sparked the spin-offs of every YouTubers everywhere trying to do their version of the idea. Such as 100+ coats of liquid lipstick, 100 coats of acrylic nail polish, 100 layers of foundation, using an entire tube of mascara, 100 coats of eyeliner, etc. People are doing some crazy shit, and I can’t stop watching.




Most of you across the country have noticed it’s getting really hot in here and taking off your clothes is not acceptable. A heatwave has consumed most of the country and is not going to loosen it’s grip until later next week. Make sure you put all the wine in the fridge, crank that AC, and start your Netflix binge. Yeah, I just gave you the weather report. #adulting




I have mentioned Stella & Dot jewelry in the past but I am going to mention it again because I don’t think you guys understand how much I love their stuff. I just ordered a pair of earrings, stack rings, and a necklace for some weddings I have coming up this fall. All their summer items are on sale right now because they are rolling out the fall line later this month. Go on over to the site; I promise you will love their stuff.

Stella & Dot works like Avon. You get assigned a stylist and can even have jewelry parties (trunk show)…with wine!

*this is not a sponsor, I just love the jewelry.

Now that you’re all caught up on what is trending have a wonderful weekend and stay cool. Don’t forget to stop by my Yoga Basics blog that went up Wednesday.

Oh no! You missed Makeup Monday? Don’t worry, click here.

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