Hanson Brothers

Fresh Finds Friday – Hanson Brothers

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Posted while camping in the woods. 

You made it to Friday, congratulations! I hope everyone had a wonderful week and is getting ready to relax and let lose this weekend. Before you drink too much of that left over 4th of July punch, let’s find out what is trending this week.



Hanson Brothers

I really hope that everyone reading this post knows who the Hanson Brothers are and if you don’t Google them right meow. Last Friday, the Hanson Brother’s graced us with their acoustic rendition of MMMBop and hearts around the world melted. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out here.




You read that correctly. I came across this new trend of using stencils to spraypaint shapes and patterns onto your hair! This is a real thing that is happening right now. I spent at lease 45 minutes looking at pictures of people who are killing the stencil look. Let’s take a look. 



Fall 2016

It is July 15th, and all the fall fashions have hit the stores along with back to school gear. I don’t understand why retailers try to rush the fall season when people like me that live in Michigan only get three months of summer as it is. By the time we are ready to buy summer stuff, it is already out of stores which bothers me more than anything. But according to fashion, fall is here.

I hope you enjoyed yet another Fresh Finds Friday! I’ll see y’all Monday for Makeup Monday! Have a great weekend.

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