Makeup Monday – Beautiful Legs

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Written while watching Jane The Virgin.

Hello and welcome back another Makeup Monday here on Touch of Tay! Today we are going to be talking about tree products that I have recently fallen in love with and I have to yell it from the hilltop!

Let’s get on with it.




I had been hearing about the new Continuous Spray Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer for awhile but never really thought it would work for me because I have very sensitive skin after shaving. Because of that, I need something very rich and moisturizing. Since I have been showering more recently due to going to the gym, I needed a lotion that would be super fast and easy to apply. I decided to give this little guy a try and picked up the unscented bottle.

Using this lotion is so convenient after a long day when I am trying to hurry up and get finished so I can lay down. After using an entire bottle I only have two cons and those are, one, it doesn’t last very long, I used mine maybe 8 or 9 times, and it’s already gone. Two, it can get kind of hard to hold onto the bottle when your hands are covered in lotion.

Other than that I love how fast it dries, how convenient it is, and that it is made by one of my favorite brands. You can find this product at Target for $7.49.



IMG_2794 copy

I cannot express to you how much I am already in love with this product! I attended a wedding shower over the weekend and was looking for something that I could apply to my legs to cover up some of the scars and veins when I came across the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs – Leg Makeup! It was very difficult to pick out a shade (just like picking out a foundation), so I went with the color Light Glow. It is a perfect match to my skin, and I was blown away by the results, my legs had never looked better.

I applied the product directly to my legs even though the directions say to apply to the hands first and just rubbed it in. I let my legs dry while putting on my makeup and was out the door. It didn’t rub off on my clothing at all, and when I got home, I tried wiping it off before getting into bed with a wet wipe and not a whole lot came off. You really do have to use soap and water which is great knowing it’s not going to rub off on your sheets.

This product is a little pricey, so I went for the smaller 1.5 oz bottle to find out if I liked it. I got mine at Walmart for $4.97, and the full-size bottle is $11.74 for 4.4 oz.




I know I am late to this bandwagon, but I saw the Airspun Loose Face Powder in Translucent at Walmart and figured I would give it a try. I used it with a full face of makeup (over my Clinique foundation) and loved the results. I used the little puff that comes with it to get the powder onto my face and then a brush to blend everything together.

This product really does smell like your grandma; it has a heavy perfume smell. But you get a lot of the money. $5.67 for 2.3 oz and an applicator puff. I am excited to use this more, and hopefully, I will still be in love with it!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Makeup Monday and had a wonderful night! See you later!

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