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Fresh Finds Friday -Selfie Style

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Written while drinking the new Teavana Beach Bellini tea.

TGIF BITCHES and welcome back to another Fresh Finds Friday. Today we are going to be talking about three products that are helping our vain society become even more narcissistic, and I am super excited.

Let’s roll…



Selfie Ring Light

I have seen the personal clip on ring light all over the place recently. They can be inexpensive and come in handy when you need to take a picture of yourself in good lighting because that is important. I have the Rapbycool ring light that I got on Amazon not too long ago, I use it for lighting products for my blog but have to admit I have used it for a selfie or two.



Selfie Fan

I saw this on Instagram the other day and literally died. This is a little mini fan that you plug into your phone to get that Queen B hair flip kind of vibe. If you own on the these, you have to tell me how many weird looks you get when you use it.



Selfie Phone Case

Everyone knows that good light is the key to a great selfie which is why this phone case that completely lights up is a must for on the go. Unlike the clip on right light this phone case offers you are discreet selfie taking session.

I hope you liked this week Fresh Finds Friday and comment if you know of any other super fun selfie taking technology! See you Monday for an all new Makeup Monday!

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