My Favorite YouTuber’s!

The Touch Of Tay Blog

Written while fighting off the mid-week blues.

Hello and welcome back to Touch of Tay! If you follow my blog, you have probably heard me mention YouTuber’s that I watch…for hours on end. It’s completely normal for me to spend a solid four hours watching videos on shit that I don’t ever attempt.

So today I am going to share with you the names and channels of YouTuber’s that I spend more time watching than I do with actual humans because I live a very sad life.

Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Guerriero – beauty channel. I have been watching Nicole’s videos from the very very beginning. I feel like I know her because I have watched her change and grow over the years into an extremely talented makeup artist. Nicole is extremely down to earth in her videos; she is always keeping it real and for that I will continue to watch her videos until the very sad day comes when she bids adieu to the YouTube world.

Love Melissa Michelle

LoveMelisaMichelle – beauty/lifestyle channel. I have been watching Melisa’s channel from the very beginning as well. I can still remember her first videos she used to film in her closet! Melisa is so sweet and funny and never takes herself too seriously.


Grav3yardgirl – beauty/review channel. Bunny is the kind of person who actually doesn’t give a shit about what other’s think about her. Bunny stays true to who she is and you can feel her energy through the camera. She is HILARIOUS, I watch her videos all the time but especially when I am feeling down because she always makes me laugh!


Tati – beauty/review channel. Tati is a ray of sun in all of her videos. I have never seen someone put so much work into their videos like Tati does. She truly has the viewers interests in mind every time she creates a video. She has a very regular upload schedule that just goes to show how much she really cares about YouTube.


Glam&Gore – special effects/lifestyle channel. Mykie is out of this world talented creating one of a kind makeup looks that are sure to blow your mind! I don’t remember how I came across her channel, but I am so glad I did. Mykie adds a funny twist to all her videos even when creating a super terrifying look.


Simply Nailogical – nail art/comedy channel. I JUST came across Christine’s channel a few days ago, and I think I have watched every single video. This girl is freakin’ hysterical!!!! I can’t even paint my nails regularly, let alone try any of her looks, but I watch because she is just so funny!

I was planning on just doing a top 5 list, but I just couldn’t leave anyone out. These six channels are what makes YouTube great, I absolutely love all of them and appreciate the amount of work that goes into creating each video!


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