Ashley​ Tisdale Rose Gold Hair

Fresh Finds Friday – Rose Gold Hair

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Posted while binge watching OITNB. 

TGIF! You made it another week and for that, you should reward yourself with lots of wine, sleep, and shopping. Before you fall into an Orange Is The New Black couch cocoon, find out what is trending in this week’s Fresh Finds Friday!


Ashley Tisdale Rose Gold Hair

So this is a thing now. If you have been on Pinterest in the last week, you have most likely seen trendy pictures of rose gold hair. Who wouldn’t want rose gold hair? I mean come on! It almost looks baby pink in some light, and I wish I had light enough hair to pull it off. Celebrities across the land are rocking this new color. I digs.


Funky Sunglasses

Now that the sun is shining across most of the country, the shades are coming out to play. Funky, crazy, wacky sunglasses are all over everyone’s faces. From YouTubers to celebrities, and even men, everyone is on board with this, and you should be too. Although sunglasses can get very pricey, Amazon offers great cheaper alternatives but make sure you read the reviews to ensure you are purchasing a quality pair.



I’m not talking about your mom’s crochet top from the 70’s; I am talking bikini, crop top, bra like crochet tops. You will find crochet is just about every magazine, trendy retail shop, and swimsuit store from Michigan to Miami, so be ready. If you have the body, rock this shit all summer long. If you don’t have the body, do it anyway because it’s summer and there are no rules in the summer.

So go, be fresh and trendy in the name of Friday!

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