Fresh Finds Friday – Collaboration Time

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Written while feeling under the weather.

HAPPY FRIDAY! The struggle was so real this week, right? I am ready for a nice relaxing weekend after a very busy month. Before you get too buzzed to read this blog post, let’s find out what is trending with this week’s Fresh Finds Friday.

Stop, collaborate, and listen. It has been the week of collaborations. YouTubers are taking over the beauty world and in return are making a huge bang with their collaborations.



For those of you who don’t know, Jaclyn Hill is a very popular YouTuber. She has been on YouTube for many years, and much like other very well known names, she is blowing up with a collaboration with Becca Cosmetics. Until now she has done a few other launches with the brand and her highlighter (Champagne Pop) even became a permanent product. She and Becca just released her latest line of products featuring the classics and brand new colors. Inducing face products, eye products, and more. Click here for the full collection. Jaclyn also, of course, did a video on the complete rundown of all the products, their names, and how you can use them. And for that, click here. Lastly, her sister also wrote a blog featuring all the info you will need to know on this collection.




Grav3YardGirl, who is also a very well known YouTuber, just released a palette named Swamp Queen in collaboration with Tarte Cosmetics along with two lip paints. Bunny also created an in-depth video (over 40 minutes long) of all the info you could ever need on her new palette. Click here for the goods. The palette is currently sold out but check out the following release dates:
6/6 full collection launch (domestic & international)
6/13 Launches on
6/21 Launches on
6/28 Launches on
7/8 Launches in Sephora stores (US, Canada, SEA- Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia)
7/10 Launches in Ulta stores
7/14 Launches in Sephora inside JC Pennys
7/15 Launches in Macy’s store
7/18 Launches in Beauty Brands stores

It warms my heart to see two of my favorite YouTubers collaborate with big cosmetic brands, these ladies work so hard are they deserve all the recognition!

Wondering what you missed from last week’s Fresh Finds Friday? Click here to find out. Curious to know what face moisturizer I am obsessing over? Click here!


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