How To Ball On A Budget

Written while making popsicles out of juice and water.

Welcome back to Touch of Tay, beautiful! Today I come to you with a blog post about how to have fun while on a budget. For all of my fellow 20 somethings and recent graduates, this one it for you.

We have all been in a situation where we want to go out and have fun with our friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend but can’t spend too much or any money. Here are some activities that you can do while ballin’ on a budget.



Find a local bar that has excellent happy hour specials. If your friends want to go out during the week after work, encourage them to meet you at that bar. Not only will you save money but your friends will too!

Grab some coffee. This is perfect for a lazy afternoon with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Coffee at Starbucks might be a little pricey, but if you are only buying one, you should be okay. If not, find another local coffee place with lower prices.

Go for a car ride. You’re not spending money to do this directly, but you are paying for your gas. You don’t have to go far but roll the windows down and enjoy the fresh breeze on a summer night. You can also chat it up while driving.


Go to the bookstore. I love listening and reading books, and it is always fun to bring a friend along with you to the bookstore. You don’t have to buy anything either. You can just browse the aisles and talk about a good book.

Visit the cider mill. In the fall going to the cider mill can be inexpensive. You don’t have to buy a dozen apples or donuts or pumpkins or anything. Just walk around taking in the crisp fall smells and the great company you have.

Have a cookout. Invite all your friends over and ask each of them to bring a dish to pass. Fire up the grill, crack open a beer and enjoy the summer. In the winter, just move the party inside if you have space.

Go to lunch. Restaurants usually increase their prices for dinner which makes going to lunch a cheaper alternative. Go someplace close to home so you don’t have to spend too much money on gas.


Go for a walk. Walks are great exercise and help you download your day with great conversation. My mom and I go on walks every day in the summer after work, and it helps decompress after a long day at the office.

Go for a bike ride. If you and a friend already own a bike meet up at a local park and spend the day riding around. You can even pack a lunch or some booze, either one!


Watch a movie at home. In the winter months in can be difficult to do anything outside which is what makes watching a movie inside with a friend special. If you already have a Netflix account, you won’t have to pay to rent a movie. You can also ask your friend to bring over any movies they own on DVD.

Go to a public pool. Where I live, we don’t have too many public pools but if you live in an area that does, pack a bag with snacks and spend the day splashing around. This can also be applied to going to the beach. I don’t live anywhere remotely close to a beach, but if you do, this is an excellent way to spend the day.
Learn something new on the internet. I know this doesn’t sound too exciting but if you and a friend are sitting around with nothing to do, just start Googling things. You might learn something you never knew before.

Walk around a downtown area. Depending on where you decided to visit you might have to pay for parking but you can always split the cost with a friend. Spend the afternoon walking around; you don’t have to buy anything.

I hope this post helped you come up with cheaper ways to spend the day with a friend or significant other. Remember, spending a ton of money doesn’t mean you are going to have more fun. Just get creative and remember that spending time with someone is what is really important.

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