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Fresh Finds Friday

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Blogged while in desperate need for some weekend.

Before you check out completely for the weekend, let’s find out what is new and happenin’ in this weeks, Fresh Finds Friday!


Rainbow Highlighter

Everyone and their actual brother has been talking about this amazing rainbow highlighter that came straight from a woman’s kitchen on Etsy, shout out to being an HBIC. If you want to learn more about this highlighter check out grav3yardgirl’s first impressions videos, and you can even find out how to make the highlighter at home by watching her Rainbow Highlighter DIY video. I am not sure if I should ever personally purchase this highlighter, but ya never know.



Stella & Dot Jewelry
Stella & Dot Jewelry

Who here remembers when Avon used to be the biggest thing ever to happen to makeup/beauty products? Good news, Stella & Dot is a company that is just like Avon but sell jewelry and accessories. GRIL, please just take a moment to think about all the fabulous jewelry that can be on your body right now. I won a free truck show a couple of weeks back and fell in love with the high-quality jewelry, easy to buy process, women supporting company that is Stella & Dot. They feature everything from cocktail rings to engravable to swimsuit coverups. Check it out; you won’t hate me for it.



Best Damn Beauty Lip Mask
Best Damn Beauty Lip Mask

Nicole Guerrero is my all time favorite YouTuber if you didn’t already know. I have been watching her videos from the very beginning, and I have never lost interest. Any product this girl recommends there is about a 95% chance I am going to buy it.

Nicole released her skin care line called Best Damn Beauty, I want to say about a year ago. As much as I love Nicole I wasn’t about to drop $40 on a lip mask; it just was not going to happen. But after she repeatedly represented it on her channel and spoke so highly of it I figured I would give it a chance when she was offering $5 off.

During check out I was not informed this item was on back order, and my coupon didn’t work (frown face). I placed my order on December 26th and did not receive the lip mask until March 7th. THAT IS INSANE!!! I am so excited for Nicole that her product is so much in demand, that is amazing, and I am so so so happy for her. The wait was just really long.
Since I was so excited to get the lip mask, I wore it every chance I got and my lips started to peel like crazy. My lips were more chapped after using the lip mask which is clearly not it’s purpose. I cut back to using the mask twice a day, once in the morning before work and once at night before bed. I can’t say I have noticed any difference in my lips, but I can say that this lip mask is a lifesaver when I wear it under at liquid lipstick.

You are now caught up on what is fresh this Friday, have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you Monday for an all new Makeup Monday!


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