Mother’s Day Hand Scrub Labels

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Written while thinking about my ma.

Hello, lovely ladies! I have been getting tons of emails asking for the labels I used in my Mother’s Day Pink Hand Scrub post so I figured I would make another post containing a few different downloadable PDF versions.


When I created the original labels I, of course, made them for my blog but if you need labels created with other information on it, I would be happy to create you custom labels. You can send me a request at This design is relatively straightforward, but I am not sure how I can post it on my blog and make it editable if you know, please share because sharing is caring.

You can find the original labels that I used HERE and below are some other designs:

Design 2

Design 3 (For those of you without a color printer)

Design 4


You can print these out on regular paper, cut them out individually, and tape them to the jar lids or you can buy the Avery 2 inch diameter round labels at staples and use them as stickers! The first options will be cheaper but the second is less time consuming, so it’s up to you. Do what you want, girl!

Thank you so much for all your interest in my Mother’s Day Hand Scrub, and I hope everyone has a very Happy Mother’s Day!

*Not intended for individual sale.

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