Mother’s Day Fun Activities

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Welcome back, beautiful! Mother’s Day is right around the corner and for my family and me, the month of May is a very special month. Not only do we get to celebrate Mother’s day but we also celebrate my mom’s birthday and my birthday!

I have put together a list of fun activities that you and your mom can send quality time doing together.


Painting With A Twist

Painting with a twist is so freakin’ fun! If you and your mom are the kinds of people that like to create things with your hands, drink some wine, and just be opened minded, this is a great option for you! There are so many local businesses that do something similar, but Painting With a Twist is the most popular.

Tay’s Tip: Read some reviews before picking a place. This gives you a heads up to the kind of experience other people have had, especially if it is not affiliated with Panting With a Twist.

Go For A Bike Ride/Walk

For those mom’s or daughters that aren’t the girly type to get their nails done or go to the spa this is a great alternative. Get out of the house, exercise, and chat! My mom and I try to get out every day after dinner in the summer for a nice evening walk. It is a great time to talk about your day or catch up on each other lives.

Go Shopping

If the weather isn’t very nice on Mother’s Day, the mall is always an option! Although it might be a little busy, you will still be able to spend some time walking around and chatting it up. Plus, buying a new pair of shoes never killed anyone.

Tay’s Tip: If you are able and only enough to dive, give mom and break and a ride. I rhymed!  

Make Hand/Foot Scrubs

Making a hand scrub is so simple! You can customize them to how you would like, give is a personal touch, and spend time with your mom. This is great for a group of girls that get together on Mother’s Day. I have a recipe for you right here!

Tay’s Tip: Buy all the ingredients ahead of time to reduce the stress of having the run around on Mother’s Day.

Clean Her Car

Helping your mom clean her car sounds like a terrible idea but hear me out. You get to spend time together, enjoy the nice weather, and you are helping your mom do something that she probably dreads all year long. Clean the inside and the outside and see how happy that will make your momma!

No matter how you spend Mother’s Day, remember it is all about your mom and it is nothing about you. She is the reason you exist so tell her how incredibly fortunate you are to have a great mother like her. I know I am.

Until next time!


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