What Is Happening To Touch Of Tay?

The Touch Of Tay Blog

Written while watching the snow fall. Yes, I said snow. It is April, and it is STILL snowing in Michigan. Insert unsatisfied face here.

WELCOME! I am back after being MIA for eight months; I apologize for leaving all of you hanging. But I am back now, so turn that frown upside down and let’s get to business.

First things first, I am taking my blog in a different direction. Again, I am sorry to those of you Touch of Tay followers who don’t take change well, but it’s time. Instead of blogging about inexpensive crafts I am now entering the beauty world…like everyone else.

The Touch of Tay blog has gotten a much-needed makeover, and you can now find me at TouchOfTay.com. All of my old content is staying put, and you will still be able to go back in time (to the good dope days) and find my delicious cupcake recipes and craft projects. Going forward, I am will be starting two different series, including, Everything Makeup Monday’s and Fresh Find Friday’s! YAY!

I know there is already so much information out there on the Internet about makeup and beauty and fashion, and I get that, but I am not here to recreate the wheel.

So if you are already into makeup and think you know better than me, you do. If you are new to makeup and want to know what my opinions are on how to get started, let’s take this journey together.

My new tagline is – I don’t know what I am doing. It describes my life perfectly.

Until next time!


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