Finished perler bead coasters!

Perler Beads Are Back!

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Hi, lovely crafters! Today I am blogging with my beautiful sister, Morgan and we are bringing it way back to the summer camp days with Perler Beads! I forgot how much fun these beads can be when you are sitting around a table with all your friends making fun designs. My sister sent me this blog post, and we just had to make some of these cuties for ourselves.

Everything you need to make perler bead coasters

Let’s get beading:

I ordered all my supplies on Amazon, but I know Brit + Co. has an option of buying the supplies on their blog.

1. Perler Beads

Price: $8

2. Clear square templates

Price: $5

3. Emoji outline prints

Price: Free!!

4. Iron, ironing board, and parchments paper. Most of the bead kits come with parchment paper but just to be sure you might want to pick some up.

Here we go!

1. Print the design you want to create and find a flat surface.

Place the perler bead template over pattern

Follow patter by placing perler beads on template

2. Place your template over the design and follow the design. You can keep the colors the same or change em up.

Iron perler beads with parchment paper

3. Once finished placing the parchment paper over your design. Using a warm/hot iron begin ironing in circular motions until the beads start to melt.

4. Let is cool before carefully taking the parchment paper off. Turn deign over, place the parchment paper on top, and iron again. This time doesn’t melt the beads too much. Just enough so the design doesn’t fall apart.

Finished perler bead coasters!

Now you have a super cute summer patio coaster set!

Happy crafting!


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