Festival Outfit!

Pride Parade Outfit

Hi, hey, hello there! Toady, I am going to do something I have never done before on my blog, an outfit post. I am going to the 46th Annual Chicago Pride Parade on June 28th and wanted to share with you the outfit I plan on wearing (weather permitting).

The overall style I am aiming for is comfortable festival chic. Something functional for a summer time and standing on my feet for a few hours. This outfit can be worn at any outdoor festival this summer, and the individual pieces can be worn on an everyday basis (maybe not the shirt).

Festival Outfit!

Everything you need to know:

Festival High Rise Shorts

Shorts: Garage

Price: $40

Festival Crop Top

Crop top: Amazon

Price: $20 

Festival Fanny Pack

Fanny pack: Amazon

Price: $10

Tie-Dye Shoes for a Festival

Shoes: Target. I tie-dyed them myself. You can see my tutorial here.

Price: $40

Sunglasses: (Not pictured) Amazon. Honestly, for $13 these glasses are a piece of crap. Save your money.

Price: $13

Stay tuned to my Instagram for a picture of me in the outfit on June, 28th at the parade!

Happy shopping ❤


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