A look inside my Mother's Day Pink Hand Scrub

Mother’s Day Pink Hand Scrub


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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the wonderful mom’s! Today is all about pampering your mom/wife of your children. My mom does so much for me and my family no craft could ever make it up to her but…let’s give it a shot.

I am going to show you how to make a special one of a kind pink hand scrub! I posted a hand scrub craft last week and am kind of obsessed with making them now. I gave a few away to my friends and sister, and their reactions made my WHOLE day! Wooooooo!

Click here for labels!

What you need:

Everything you need to make a Mother's Day Pink Hand Scrub

1. Epsom salt

Price: Epsom salt – $4

2. Dawn Ultra Dish soap – Olay Hand Renewal. It sounds so weird but trust me, this soap smells soo amazing and makes your hands feel like silk. No joke.

Price: $3

3. A jar. I am using the same jars I used in my Homemade Hand Scrub craft I posted last week.

Price: $9 for a 12 pack of 4oz jars

4. Something to stir with.

5. Small sampling spoons.

Price: $5 for 100 pack.

Let’s get it rollin’

1. For this scrub, you are going to mix everything in the jar since there are only two ingredients. No need for a bowl. Start by filling the jar with salt about 2/3.

First add salt to the jar

2. Add dish soap right on top until the jar is full.

Onto of salt, add dish soap

3. Stir everything together until the scrub reaches the consistency of your liking.

Mix everything in the jar together

Tip: I continued to add salt to make the scrub thicker. Don’t add too much soap or the scrub will become runny.

Overall: I did two scrubs one with Epsom salt and one with white sugar. I personally like the scrub with the salt the best. The sugar started to break down and dissolve and is now separating in the jar. I probably wouldn’t give that as a gift. The salt mixture, on the other hand, turned out great, the texture is similar to a frozen margarita, thick, and it hasn’t separated at all.

A look inside my Mother's Day Pink Hand Scrub

I labeled my jars with a “Mother’s Day Edition” sticker, and they are all ready to be given out!

The completed product with Mother's Day Edition Sticker

Happy Crafting ❤

Check out some more hand scrubs here and for labels click here!



  1. Becky

    I do want to make this for my activity class of 8-9 girls this Wednesday (April27). Where can I get the labels- mother’s day edition stickers?


  2. Daniella Llanas

    Made this for my mom and I gave it to her a littler early & SHE LOVED IT!! It makes your hands so soft, thanks for the idea!


    1. tay

      That makes me so happy, Daniella! I am so glad she enjoyed it! Yes, it makes your hands feel like a dream! Thanks for the comment! 🙂


  3. Carol

    I would like to have my kinders make these for their moms for Mother’s Day. Do you have a label I can customize for each student? Thanks. I love this idea and think the mom’s will too!


  4. Robyn

    I love this and am going to use it for an activity for girls 8-9. I have about 15 girls I’ll need to make it for, how many bags of salt and jars of soap do you think I’ll need? Also, do you have labels made for the salt scrub? I clicked on the link above and they said sugar scrub.


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