What the scrapbook paper outlets covers look when they are finished

Scrapbook Paper Outlet Covers

DIY, inexpensive crafts, dollar store, cheap

Hello, loves! Today I am going to show you how to make your very own custom outlet covers using scrapbook paper!

All the supplies you need to make scrapbook paper outlet covers

What you need:

1. Outlet covers – You can take the ones you have right off the wall or buy new ones. I just the ones I already had, so it didn’t cost me anything.

Price: $0

2. Mod Podge – This stuff can be used for everything! Do yourself a favor keep some in your crafting collection.

Price: $5 at Walmart

3. Scrapbook paper – Last week when I was at Michael’s, and they were having that crazy sale I was telling you about I bought the Pink Paislee Hello Sunshine paper for only $5! Insane right! 48 sheets of super adorable, high quality, scrapbook paper.

Price $5 

4. A sponge paint brush, X-Acto knife, and something to cut on.

Price: knife – $3 at Walmart, brush – .48 cents

Project Total: $13.48 (AWESOME!)

Sidetone: As much as I dislike shopping at Walmart, they really do have the cheapest prices for most crafting items. To avoid losing my mind, I try to go during the week between 10am & 12pm or 6pm-8pm (off hours).


1. Start by cutting your scrapbook paper to a manageable size and FLIP it over! I accidentally glued my outlet cover to the design part of my paper and didn’t realize it until I was almost finished. Good thing Mod Podge comes right off under warm water.

Step 3 in creating scrapbook paper outlet covers

2. Use your brush to paint Mod Podge onto the outlet cover and the paper. Stick the outlet cover down and let it dry!

3. Using a small amount of Mod Podge apply a thin laying to the side of the cover and the paper. Press down and wait for it to dry. Cut off excess. Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 5 in creating scrapbook paper outlet covers

4. On the top and bottom sides, found the corners in like a present. Repeat step 3.

5. Once the glue is completely dry start cutting out the holes. Find which method works for you. It took me a couple tries to get it just right. For the small hole that the screw goes into, just make a small “X” in the paper. Allowing you to push the screw right thought.

Step 6  in creating scrapbook paper outlet covers

Tip: If you try to cut the holes out before the glue is dry the paper will bunch up and tear.

6. Once the holes are made, all another layer of Mod Podge over the paper coating the entire outlet cover and its sides.

creating scrapbook paper outlet covers

7. Screw the outlet covers back into the wall and enjoy!

What the scrapbook paper outlets covers look when they are finished

Happy Crafting ❤


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