Finished Project - Picture Frame and Free Printable

Wall Art Idea – Super Cheap

Hello, happy crafters! It is 75° in Metro Detroit right now, and I am lovvveeeing it! To ring in this beautiful weather why not create a super easy, super cheap, wall art craft!

Total project cost: $4…I’m not kidding.

1. Go to this website and download the free printable.

Free Printable Image - 8.5x11

2. Find a 8.5×11 inch picture frame. You can also use a square frame if that tickles your fancy. Any picture frame you have around will work.

Picture Frame

I didn’t have a frame, so I went to Michael’s and got this picture frame for 65% off! FYI – Michael’s is having a massive sale right now. Almost everything in the store is marked down. If not – here is a 50% off coupon!

Price: $4

I don’t think you need direction on how to frame a piece of paper but just in case. Make sure you clean the glass really well if you get some fuzzies from the paper towel you can use a Swiffer dust cloth.

Other than that make sure you load your paper in the correct way and PRESTO!

Hang anyplace you need a little reminder to be kind. I hung mind above my toilet, kind of random.

Happy Crafting ❤

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