Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

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*no wine was injured during the crafting of this craft.

Greetings fellow Earthlings! …that’s was weird. Let’s try again. Hello and welcome back to another fancy blog post from yours truly Tay! Better?

Spring is righttttt t t t t around the corner. Or at least I hope because I can’t take this cold any longer. Anyway. In preparation for some sunshine, I am going to show you how to make a bird feeder out of a wine bottle! Hooray, drinking is involved!


1. Call a friend that will help you drink a bottle of wine (or just drink it all yourself).

2. Take a nap.

3. Gather your supplies.

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

What you need:

1. A clean, rinsed out, white wine bottle. I bought a Pop Crush bottle for this craft believe it or not I didn’t have a bottle of white wine in my entire house. Shameful I know.

Price: $7 on clearance at Target. BAM!

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder
See, I wouldn’t lie to you.

2. Galvanized wire, for hanging. I got 16 gauge, 25 feet at Home Depot.

Price: $2

3. A glass/tile cutter drill bit. I used a Bosch brand 1/4″ drill bit. I suggest a bigger bit, so the holes turn out bigger. I also suggest buying more than once since wine bottles are thick and can dull your bit faster.

Price: $9

4. Instant epoxy. Who else just realized this existed? I got the 1 minute dry time 2500 psi strength.

Price: $4

5. A plate for the bottom of the bottle. I found a cheap plate in the children’s section on Target.

Price: 80 cents

6. BIRD SEED! I do not fully understand all of the crazy kinds of bird seed that exists in this world, so I just bought the cheapest bag they had.

Price: $10

Project total…drum roll: $32.80

Let us jump in!

1. Take your wine bottle and start drilling. I didn’t use water to keep the bottle cool, and it ended up cracking on the third hole. I planned on created four holes total but only ended up having two. Oh well.

Wine bottle bird feeder

2. Rinse the bottle again to make sure you got rid of all the residue from drilling. After use the epoxy to create a thin strip at the bottom of the wine bottle and stick it to the plate. Wait about 5 minutes (or whatever the directions say).

3. Fill bottle and plate with bird seed.

4. Wrap wire around the neck of the bottle to create a strong hold. This was a little tricky. Make sure you have about a foot of extra wire since you will use that to wrap around the tree branch.

5. Sit back and wait for the cute little birdies to show up!

Happy crafting ❤

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