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Creating a SMASH Book

WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME! It has been a hot minute since I have posted a craft, and I apologize! But I am here now so stop your crying and let’s get to it.

This post is all about the smash book! You may have heard of them and if you haven’t you are obviously not on Pinterest. Simply put, a smash book is like your house junk drawer in the form of a book. All the things you don’t want to throw away because you might want it to keep a memory or two can now be stuffed between the pages of a journal.

I am no stranger to the journaling world. I have kept all kinds of journals in the past but what makes the smash book different is there is no right or wrong why to do it. Unlike scrapbooking, you can be as messy and unorganized as you would like. Very therapeutic.

This is a relatively cheap project to get started and over time you just add the small nick nacks you accumulate in everyday life.

What you will need:

1. A journal/notebook/book of any kind. I went to TJMaxx since they have unique stationary. The journal I got is fairly large, has a string bookmark, and has a very soft embossed “leather” cover.

Cost: $8 (you just can’t beat that!)

2. Some stickers to start. I picked up some stickers that say, “love, happiness, and hope,” some flower stickers, and a travel themed sticker pack.

Total cost: $7

3. Anything else your little heart desires. I picked up some scrapbooking tape for 97 cents at Walmart and a pack of phrase cards. I am not sure what the proper use of these cards are, but I am just going to cut them up and glue them into my smash book. I also got some arrow sticky notes to add some pizzazz. Oh and I got two glue sticks (the disappearing purple kind because they are awesome).

Cost: $7

I went to Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and TJMaxx. I could have skipped Hobby Lobby altogether. I don’t think there stickers or other scrapbooking items were that great of a price. Walmart has the best prices. Just take a Xanax before you go, and you should be all right.

Total project cost: $24

Creating a smash book can be a personal project, what I am doing, or it can be a gift. You can create a smash book for a good friends wedding present, or it can be a given as an anniversary gift for your significant other. Just fill it up with lots of pictures, quotes, movie stubs, found objects, etc. You can also create a smash book for a recent vacation you went on.

I created a smash book when I went to Germany when I was 18 before I even knew what a smash book was. I look back on it occasionally and remember all of the awesome times I had.

Have fun with it and happy crafting ❤

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