Canvas Wall Art, DIY, inexpensive crafts, crafts, Michael's

Canvas Wall Art

DIY, inexpensive crafts, dollar store, cheap

Hello again! Today you are going to learn how to make canvas wall art! This craft takes about 45 minutes and cost me $6!

Canvas wall art is a great craft if you are looking to spice up a bare wall in a snap! Wall art can get very expensive especially canvas wrapped artwork. So lets round up our supplies and get started!

What you need:

1. Canvas. I used a canvas I already had in the house (I always keep canvases handy). The size of the canvas I used is 14×18 inches.

Price: Free!

2. Wood letters/words. I choose to go with wood letters that were already put together. However, if you want to customize the spacing or spell something custom you can always buy the individual letters. I believe those are about .99 cents a letter.

Price: Three words at $2 a piece, $6 total

3. Paint or spray paint. Most of the blogs I read suggested using spray paint, but I already had some leftover paint in the house, so I just used that. I can see how spray paint would be easier to get in all of the tight spaces, but the paint did just fine. I used outdoor, flat paint because again that is what I had! Spray paint can get a bit pricy at Michael’s so I would suggest going to Walmart.

Price: Free!

4. Spray adhesive. I already had spray adhesive in my crafting box, but it will usually run you about $3-$5.

Price: Free!

Canvas Wall Art, DIY, inexpensive crafts, crafts, Michael's

How to put it all together:

1. Place your words on the canvas and use a pencil to mark where you want them to go. Spray adhesive on the canvas, stick the word to the canvas, and repeat for each word.

Canvas Wall Art, DIY, inexpensive crafts, crafts, Michael's

2. Paint the entire canvas! Make sure you move the canvas around making sure you covered all areas, let dry and apply a second coat if needed.

ALL DONE! It is that easy! Hang your new canvas wall art in your bedroom, office or workout space to give it the extra pop it needs!

Canvas Wall Art, DIY, inexpensive crafts, crafts, Michael's

Remember, crafting doesn’t have to be perfect. If your piece doesn’t come out exactly the way you wanted, that is okay! It’s about having fun and learning new things along the way!

Happy crafting ❤


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