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In this post, I am going to show you how to make a terrarium!! If you are not familiar with what a terrarium is, click here!

Making a terrarium is an awesome craft to give as a birthday gift or holiday gift, keep for yourself, add life to an office space, or just for the sake of crafting! Terrariums consist of succulent plants that are extremely easy to take care of…and hard to kill. If you are anything like me, it is impossible to keep any plant form committing suicide let alone having more than one plant at a time. But terrariums are simple to take care of, easy to maintain and a great way for a non-gardener to finally have a reason to exercise their green thumb.

Price overview total: $53 for two terrariums! Considering terrariums sell for around $200; this is a steal! 

What are you going to need:

1. Glass container(s) in any size. The bigger the glass jar or bowl, the more succulents you are going to be able to fit. The reason your terrarium has to be in glass is to allow light in and reflect around the space, which is why you can get away with keeping your terrarium in a low light area.

Price: $5-$10 Walmart, Michael’s, Dollar Store

2. Soil. Because succulent plants are desert plants, they need soil that is similar to their natural habitat. Which is why you need to purchase Cactus, Palm, and Citrus potting mix.

Price: $5 Home Depot

3. Succulent plants! I found the most amazing selection of succulent plants at The Home Depo. I bought about eight different kinds. I also found a smaller selection at Walmart for around the same price. Make sure you get a variety of plants to add dimension and style to your terrarium! I am not sure if succulents are sold year round! It might be a little difficult to find them in the northern states in the winter.

Price: $3-$5 per plant Walmart, Home Depot

4. Perlite or activated charcoal. Whichever one you decide to use this will allow the water to drain into the bottom of the container avoiding over watering and root rot. Dessert plants like their feet dry, but lets face it, we never really know how much to water our plants. The perlite and charcoal will help! I was unable to find activated charcoal, so I went with perlite.

Price: $5

5. Moss. I did some reading before embarking on my terrarium adventure and found a lot of people suggested adding moss to the top layer of soil. I found most the of different types of moss sold at Michael’s craft store to be a little pricey, so instead of going with something super fancy I settled with a generic bag of moss that did the trick!

Price: $5

6. Decorations! Here comes the best part, decorating! Adding little trinkets and pebbles to your terrarium can bring it to the next level! I bought some little critters and farm animal buttons from Michael’s and popped them on top of the soil.

Price: $3

How to put it all together:

1. Rise/wash glass container. Especially if you have used the container for other plants in the past, there could be lingering bacteria or other things you don’t want exposed to your new succulents.

2. Put a 1-2 inch layer of your perlite/charcoal

3. Add soil. Make sure soil is deep enough to cover the entire plants roots. Make sure the little guy has the same amount of soil that it had in its original pot.

4. Add succulents! Space them out, dig a hole, place him in, cover him up! Repeat for each plant.

5. Add pebbles, moss and decorations!

6. Place in dry, low light, area. Water once a week with a spray bottle or mini watering can!

7_20-3 Terrarium number one

7_20-2 Terrarium number two!7_20-1

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Send me pictures or leave comments of the terrariums you create! Happy crafting! ❤


  1. Aroon Melane

    I’ve been wanting to make one of these. I wanted to try the self maintaining one. Where you enclose it completely and the water evaporates and gets caught in the top of the container and waters itself again


    1. taylorandreano

      Thanks so much for checking this out!

      I have seen those and they do look very interesting! You can find all sorts of glass containers with lids at Michael’s!

      Let me know if you try it out and post a picture! ❤


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